Hello! I'm Ashley.

I'm just an artsy-craftsy kinda girl trying to make it in the world. I want you to make it too. Let's be real, life can be tough, messy, chaotic, unhinged, {insert your own adjective}, but I believe we have the power within ourselves to make it beautiful. It is my mission to find light in the darkness, to find calm in the chaos, and to make the world a little bit brighter and a little bit happier. I am so grateful for the gift of creativity, and all I ever hope to do is use it to move and inspire others. 



I truly love art and art journaling. I love the freedom to explore new techniques, the freedom to experiment with different materials, the freedom to be yourself, express yourself, and show up for yourself.


I like to make pretty things that speak to my heart and spirit and put a smile on others' faces. I keep floral patterns, inspiring quotes, and a pocket full of glitter at the ready for instant happiness. 




Every year I vow to be present, to capture the beauty in ordinary things, and to celebrate the little moments that make life grand. I enjoy creating memory albums and mini books documenting my travels, special occasions and other major events.